1986-【1th Food Industry Exhibition Award】

1986-Independent Daily News 【Gold Medal】:Peanut Cake、Soft Flour Cake

1986-Great China Evening News【Gold Medal】:Sesame Cake

1987-Independent Daily News 【Gold Medal】:Raisins Sesame Soft Flour Cake

1992-Great China Evening News【Gold Medal】:Pineapple Cake

1993-Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News【Gold Medal】:Raisins Sesame Soft Flour Cake、Pineapple Cake

1994-Independent Daily News  【Gold Medal】:Pineapple Cake

1994-【Taipei International Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry Awards】

1996-【Good Manufacturing Practice】: Pineapple Cake

1997- Industrial Development Bureau 【Good Manufacturing Practice Certification】 : Pineapple Cake