2021/09/23-Company name change notice

The company name will be changed to "Hongfu Food Factory Co., Ltd." with immediate effect.

New products info
2021/09/23-pancake series out now!

Xiaoyuan fried and roasted fruits (seaweed/sesame) are newly introduced. For details, please visit the official website or call for inquiries.

Other offers
2021/11/10-11/12 - PX Mart

200g seaweed burnt fruit buy one get one free.

RecentEvents-Fan Page Events

2021/10/27-Give me cokies good to eat!comment and for more

RecentEvents-Award-giving Events

2021/10/15-Share with you the reason or story of the country you have been to, or the country you most want to go to,
There is a chance to get exquisite little for more