Food Safety System Certification

Hongfu adheres to the concept of "integrity" and continuously pursues safer and better products and services through the establishment and operation of the food safety system.

In 1985, it passed the GMP certification of fruit crisp series products, becoming the first manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain pineapple crisp product certification.

Later, as consumer awareness rose and began to pay more attention to food safety and quality, Hongfu also grasped the trend of passing HACCP certification in 1992 and ISO22000 certification in 1997.

In order to be in line with international standards, the FSSC22000 international certification was passed in the Republic of China in 101. Its verification content covers HACCP and ISO22000, as well as additional related requirements. It has a more comprehensive food safety management and is an international standard recognized by GFSI.


Food safety management system standards developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) The standard content covers ISO 9001 and HACCP, through the food supply chain Management Strengthen the communication between upstream and downstream organizations in the food chain to reduce risks and Improve efficiency and provide consumers with safe food.


FSSC22000 is one of the internationally recognized food safety systems, which manages all food safety-related items from raw materials to manufacturing to customers.


Hazard analysis and monitoring of the entire process from raw material acceptance, manufacturing, blending and processing, packaging to storage and transportation to ensure the safety of food supply. And accurately target the key manufacturing process where the hazard occurs Or raw materials are managed to reduce the risk of product hazards.

Clean Label

The concept of Clean Label originated from the European Union and was issued in the UK in 2011. It was initiated by retail distributors to promote the reduction of artificial chemical synthesis additives in processed foods.

Perseverance, the power of safer food

Hongfu quality control engineers often enter the laboratory full of food inspection equipment. Whether it is the sampling inspection of raw materials, daily production line status, and final shipment, carefully recorded on dense forms, the white clothes on the body and the bright white tone of the laboratory have become a coordinated factory landscape.