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"Hongfu" Food Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 1971. It is engaged in the production of traditional baking, based on "unity", "reality", "innovation", "quality", "service", and "efficiency" sustainable operation The philosophy, honesty goodwill accumulated over the past 30 years, has long been trusted and supported by food distributors and consumers at home and abroad.

In 1971, we established a baking world in Banqiao, Taipei. Hongfu created its own trademark brand "Jiufu". Over the years, it has opened up the export market, allowing "Hongfu" products to be sold to all corners of the world. "Where there are Chinese, there are Hongfu products". What we are striving for.

At present, there are 4 main production lines in the factory, namely pineapple cake, shaqima, peanut candy, potato chips, biscuits, snack food series, etc. The domestic market is mainly sales stores, stores, public welfare centers, and distribution. The export market is dominated by Western America, Eastern America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe and other places.

In 2013, I found a corner coexisting with nature in Taoyuan Bayberry to make delicious dim sum.

Now we provide more convenient bulk online shopping services and continue to carry forward the local life of Taiwanese classic food.